Official website of GRiPPA - Research Group for the Prevention of Environmental Disease - edited by Giancarlo Ugazio

Gruppo di Ricerca per la Prevenzione

della Patologia Ambientale

Associazione Scientifica senza fini di lucro






What is GRIPPA?


  G.Ri.P.P.A. (Research Group for the Prevention of Environmental Disease) is a non-profit organisation for the research and dissemination of knowledge regarding problems of the prevention of environmental disease. In particular it concentrates on primary prevention, namely trying to tackle the causes rather than the effects.


  G.Ri.P.P.A. was set up in Turin (Italy) in April 2000. Its founder and chairman is prof.Giancarlo UGAZIO. The Research Group's main tasks are the organisation of:

  - study sessions

  - lessons, discussions.

  - theory and practical courses

  - meetings

  - study missions

  - any other activity connected with the research and the dissemination of knowledge in the

   sector of Environmental Disease.



Who is Giancarlo Ugazio? ("Curriculum" pages)


  Prof. Giancarlo Ugazio has a long and distinguished career as a research fellow  and university teacher. His over 40-years experience includes periods as a researcher and associate professor in the USA at the School of Medicine, Pittsburgh and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland respectively. He is full professor of General Pathology at the University of Turin and is charge of the Section on Environmental Disease.

  From the early 1990s prof. Ugazio has focused his efforts on the dissemination of knowledge in the field of primary prevention, believing that academics have obligations to the general public rather than earning kudos by publishing in high impact factor academic journals. His work has taken him to numerous venues, ranging from schools to national television and local radio stations, taking particular care to tailor his language to his target audience.

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